Our inn is located in the beautiful rice terraces near the village of Dazhai. We are a few hours away from Guilin. Once you reach Dazhai, we are a thirty to forty minute walk through the rice terraces in the small village of Tiantou zhai.

Guilin to Dazhai:

1. Direct bus

We offer a direct bus ride from Guilin to Dazhai. Our bus leaves from Guilin train station (桂林火车站) direct to the Dazhai parking area. The bus departs at 8.30am and the journey is around 2.5 hours. The price is 50 RMB per person one way. The bus will also go from Dazhai back to Guilin at 11.30 AM. Please e-mail or give us a call at least one day in advance.

2. Take a taxi or mini van

If you arrive too late for our direct bus or your time is limited, we can arrange a taxi or mini van for you from Guilin or the Guilin airport to Dazhai, which will take about 2.5 hours. Please e-mail or give us a call at least two days in advance and we will arrange it for you. Contact us for the price.

3. Public bus

At the moment there's no direct public bus from Guilin to Dazhai, so if you want to take public transportation from Guilin to Dazhai, first you need to take a public bus from Guilin to Longsheng at Guilin QinTan (琴潭)bus station. The journey is around 2 hours and the price is around 22RMB-28RMB per person. You can either get off the bus early at Heping (和平)or take it all the way to the Longsheng bus station. Then you will need to transfer to a bus to Dazhai. From Longsheng to Dazhai, it will take about 1.5 hours. From Heping to Dazhai, the journey is approximately 1 hour. The last bus leaves from the Longsheng bus station at 17.00pm and the price is around 9RMB/person.

Yangshuo to Dazhai :

From the begin of 2016 year,we provide a direct bus from Yangshuo direct to Dazhai,the bus leave from Yangshuo North Bus Station(阳朔汽车北站) direct to Dazhai parking area,departure time is 8:30am in the morning,it take around 4 hour.The price is 70RMB person. Please e-mail or give us a call at least one day in advance.

Dazhai to hotel:

When you arrive at the Dazhai parking area, you can walk to our inn in the following steps:

1. Arrive at the Dazhai parking and walk through the entrance.

2. Follow the path until you reach a wind & rain bridge.

3. Walk left around the wind & rain bridge.

4. Walk straight along the path about 50 meters to the end.

5. Turn right and cross the bridge.

6. Walk up the stairs to your left.

7. Zigzag on the path through the village.

8. When you reach Minority Café, turn left.

9. When you see a fork in the path, go to left.

10. Take a short rest on this bridge. In about 5 minutes you will arrive at our inn.

11. Now you can see the base of Tian Tou village and our inn.

12. At the base of Tian Tou village, turn right.

13. Our inn is the fifth wooden house. Welcome!